Fractionally disgusted with the news story about the young woman with Crohn’s disease who, about to face a gruelling round of chemo and bone marrow transplants, has been refused the right to freeze her eggs so that one day in the future she’ll be able to have children that are genetically hers.

I’d like to know why the men with the medical degrees are overruled by men with law degrees.

I hope that her treatment does go well & ‘cure’ her disease as it seems she’s not in a dissimilar position to me & at least remission is something to work towards.

It’s now about time that this disease is recognised as the debilitating life ruiner that it really is for some people.

Diseases that have been media friendly for years and are now essentially curable, for example breast cancer and heart disease, show that there is scope for things to become more widely recognised and that to lead to research and success stories, yet it’s very hard to get people to talk about bowels & arses without them getting flustered or shutting off emotionally.

If it’s been done with boobs and balls I want it to be done with bums.

So if you have even 5 minutes spare please read, and just educate yourself even a tiny bit, this website:

People also seem terrified to talk about internal working too, but after 10 years I’m not shy of that anymore so it is okay to ask questions and be curious as human nature is.


I have to delete tumblr off my phone for a while so I don’t use it cos something (silly) is winding me up and after a while it’ll calm down again, like me.

This is a hiatus & I expect everyone to be as excited for when I come back as when FOB did.